Our Senior Pastors

RCI Ministry  is the brainchild of Richard Fidge. The only son of missionary parents, Richard grew up in India and Pakistan and speaks several languages fluently. In the UK Richard has been a bi-vocational minister.

He has forged a successful secular career and been part of several leadership teams within the local church.

In 2001 Richard began to minister at the local detention centre in Harmondsworth. Most of the detainees here are classified as illegal immigrants. They include many who come from countries where it is not possible form them to hear the gospel clearly presented.

On that first occasion only a handful came to a personal faith in Jesus.

From this small beginning thousands have come to Christ and experienced healing and deliverance, After 14 years of fruitful work Richard is now able to give himself fully to the development of this ministry as a national organization throughout the UK. He has a growing team of volunteers who receive his personal training and mentoring.

Richard is an ordained minister licensed through ICC group of churches (http://www.cicinternational.org/). He is married to Theresa and they have two boys. If you would like to be part of this growing ministry then please complete the application form on this web site along with a pastoral recommendation from your local church.

You can Contact Richard via email here: info@releasingcaptives.co.uk

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